Southern Plains Land Trust 20th Anniversary Celebration

The Southern Plains Land Trust (SPLT) is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a fundraising event October 19. 2018 in Denver. SPLT has protected more than 25,000 acres of prairie land in southeastern Colorado. Part of which, the Heartland Ranch Nature Preserve, is nearly 30-square miles and larger in size than any of Colorado’s state parks. To purchase tickets for the fundraiser click here.


Once Around the Sun with the Calanda Wolves

The European Wilderness Society writes in their blog about a new web documentary about the famous Swiss Wolf-pack brought to film by Peter Dettling. The Swiss filmmaker followed the wolves from 2013 to 2016 resulting in a 52-episode documentary (one episode per week) about the wolves who had been absent from the Swiss Alps for 150 years. See the European Wilderness Society blog post here for more information.

Wild Heart

We are god’s funny family talking on a big open radio line

By Michael McBride

Soul Lions hide in the dry language grasses,

Speak your poetry aloud,
Set fire to the thickets,
Drive the lions toward us.
Wade into the streams of your emotions,

Your torn shirt in tatters, some blood on your sleeve,
Wrap this new dawn around yourself without hesitation.

Claim nothing, regret but little, be one with the world,
Abandon the word struggle from your vocabulary,
Become an ember that is coaxed to flame by the breeze.

Fill your dreams with longing,
For birds and flowers and children

(apologies to Coleman Barks and Jelaluddin Rumi)

A Watershed Thankful List

By Alison M. Jones


For 12 years, NWNL has documented six case-studies in North America and Eastern Africa – as well as a Spotlight on the ongoing 7-year California Drought. Thus, this week (Nov 20) we want to share our appreciation of nature’s miracles and human stewardship in these special watersheds! NWNL says THANK YOU for the following:


  • The 700,000 Sandhill Cranes that, in the midst of their 5,000-mile, 1,000,000-year-old spring migration, still roost in Nebraska’s historic prairie on the banks and shallows of the braided The Platte River, a tributary to the Mississippi River.


  • Coordination between scientists, stewards, stakeholders and government representatives within The Mara River Basin working with transboundary colleagues to save forests and water flows for the sake of iconic wildlife, farmers and indigenous peoples.


  • Ongoing support for those in so many California Watersheds struggling with devastation fires and mudslides in that state’s Central Valley, Napa Valley, Paradise, and Coastal Communities.


  • Billions of oysters are thriving again in The Raritan Bay, filtering out hundreds of thousands of pounds of pollutants trillions of gallons of water.


  • Pacific Northwest Native American and First Nation stewards in The Columbia River Basin, leading efforts to protect and open migratory routes now blocked by dams for salmon needing access to their spawning grounds and orca whales reliant on salmon for their survival.


  • The quiet guardianship of and by gorillas in rainforests that store rains that are the fresh water supplies for the Ugandan headwaters of the White Nile River.


  • The sustainability of communities and cultures that have persevered for over 6,000 years along the banks of Ethiopia’s Omo River and the shorelines of its terminus, Kenya’s Lake Turkana, despite the harsh desert conditions of their lands.


To see the photos and for more information click here.

Mogadishu Tech Summit

The Mogadishu (Somalia) Tech Summit to be held Oct 23-25, at Sahal Hall, Airport Road is organized by IRISE. The Somali Media for Environment Science Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) is delighted to join the media partners of the largest science and technology innovation festival in Somalia. More than 600 delegates, 25 investors, 50+ startups, 40+ exhibitions and boot camps, pitching events, hackathons, workshops, and countless networking events all along on the sidelines will be taking place during the three day event. The aim of the Mogadishu Tech Summit is to showcase the local tech talents to recognize Somali innovators and entrepreneurs. Unlike other gathering and events, the Festival is all about innovation and brings forward new voices of young Somali tech entrepreneurs, developers, designers and creatives who work in the country’s top cooperates and at major global brands such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, IBM, Oracle and other tech giants. Together, they will discuss and highlight creative solutions that will address – and solve – Somali’s protracted challenges through innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship in real time.

Mission LifeForce: Criminalizing Ecocide

Mission LifeForce is a growing international movement of Earth Protectors based on a legal document, the Earth Protectors Trust Fund document. It is like a crowdfund, a petition and a legal Trust all rolled into one, and it’s extremely powerful. In fact, it’s the missing piece – making climate and ecological justice possible where nothing else has. For more information, click here.

Gretel Ehrlich Receives 2017Wilderness Writing Award

Ehrlich_Gretel from FBThe 2017 Wilderness Writing Award goes to American Gretel Ehrlich who has had some incredible life experiences, including being struck by lightening, that she wrote about in A Match to the Heart. She has written about her travels and experiences and is passionately supportive of the environment. The Wilderness Writing Award is bestowed every two years to a living writer for a Lifetime Achievement of work that is meaningful and about wild nature, the environment, or the land. The award is co-sponsored by The Wild Foundation, Fulcrum Publishing, and the International League of Conservation Writers.

Ehrlich was born on a horse ranch in California and was educated at Bennington College (Vermont) and the UCLA film school (California). She began writing fulltime in 1978. Annie Dillard who praised Ehrlich’s 1985 book, The Solace of Open, said: “Wyoming has found its Whitman.” Ehrlich has written several other books including Heart Mountain; Islands, the Universe, and Home; Yellowstone: Land of Fire and Ice; John Muir, Nature’s Visionary; In the Empire of Ice: Encounters in a Changing Landscape; and Facing the Wave: A Journey in the Wake of the Tsunami. Ehrlich has also written essays, short stories, and poems. Her work has appeared in Harper’s, the Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, Life, National Geographic Adventure, National Geographic Traveler, Outside, and Audubon, among others.

European Wilderness Society Visits ILCW

Screenshot-2018-2-21 European Wilderness Society meets International League of Conservation Writers
Verena Grubler from the European Wilderness Society (Austria) is shown with Bob Baron and Patty Maher when she stopped by the Colorado (USA) office of the International League of Conservation Writers in mid-February.

Recently, Verena Gruber from the European Wilderness Society, headquartered in Tamsweg, Austria, visited the International League of Conservation Writers at our office in Golden, Colorado. Learning more about each other’s organizations we also discussed how our two organizations can work together on future projects. Gruber is making her way across the U.S. and meeting key people in environmental and conservation positions in the U.S. government, NGOs and private foundations. Her three-month trip will last until March.