The Serengeti’s Meyasi Mollel

Zebras about to cross the Mara River, Kenya Today, NWNL Director Alison M Jones will give a joint presentation in New York City with Serengeti Preservation Foundation Director, Meyasi Mollel. They will discuss Africa’s Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem, its threats, and a variety of solutions to protect the wildlife and ecosystems within this renowned Read more.

An Oil Pipeline Through the Serengeti?

From our Friends at Serengeti Watch

Last year, Tanzania signed a letter of agreement with Uganda to build an oil pipeline from Uganda to a port on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast. One look at the map shows that the most direct route would be through the Serengeti. Going around the park would probably increase the cost.

More recently the French oil company, Total, restated its desire that the pipeline should go through Tanzania.
With the current oil market, it does not seem likely that this is imminent, and there are alternative routes that may be better. But we’re watching and will keep you updated if we need to sound the alarm.

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