for Paul Shepard

By ILCW Member Elizabeth Herron (USA)

Even cold erodes, and the ice
that held itself in glacial cleaving
grows eager to lie down in the sea
where the great bears will finally sleep, sliding quietly into the depths.
Their bones roll the bottom
in layers of darkness. What is left
besides light descending
into blue shadows, the billowing
curtains of salt, the slow heft of the sea?
How can we let what is lost
settle of its own sacred weight
into the secret grief, the emptiness
we mistake for something missing
in ourselves?

Elizabeth Herron’s poem was previously published in: Canary
A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisi
Canary is a literary journal that explores one’s engagement with the natural world. It is based on the premise that the literary arts can provide an understanding that humans are part of an integrated system. Their theme is the environmental crisis and the losses of species and habitat as a result of this ongoing disaster. Their mission is to deepen awareness of the environment and enrich the well-being of the individual and in turn society as a whole.


Urban Birding in Málaga

Málaga, situated on the sun-kissed Costa del Sol in Andalucia, southern Spain would hardly seem like a venue for urban birding. But surprisingly, it has a lot to offer. Join ILCW member (UK) David Lindo as he leads you through one of Spain’s major tourist spots to find birds.


New Conservation Filmmaker

Posted Nov. 11, 2015
Films by Fulcrum has announced that they have three films for sale with six more to follow in 2016. Wilderness in America, a historical look at the way Americans have treated the land over the last four centuries, from something to fear and conquer to something to protect and value. This short introduction explains why the film was made:

The Salamanca Interviews of WILD10, hear the passion of these attendees of the World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca, Spain during the fall of 2013 and why they are fighting to protect our wild areas world-wide. And the Thomas Locker Visual Biographies collection that features four of Thomas Locker’s books, all read aloud by children’s literature expert and storyteller Judy Volc. The viewer hears the story while Locker’s beautiful paintings tell the visual story with music and sound effects. For more information go to: http://www.FilmsByFulcrum.com