Mogadishu Tech Summit

The Mogadishu (Somalia) Tech Summit to be held Oct 23-25, at Sahal Hall, Airport Road is organized by IRISE. The Somali Media for Environment Science Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) is delighted to join the media partners of the largest science and technology innovation festival in Somalia. More than 600 delegates, 25 investors, 50+ startups, 40+ exhibitions and boot camps, pitching events, hackathons, workshops, and countless networking events all along on the sidelines will be taking place during the three day event. The aim of the Mogadishu Tech Summit is to showcase the local tech talents to recognize Somali innovators and entrepreneurs. Unlike other gathering and events, the Festival is all about innovation and brings forward new voices of young Somali tech entrepreneurs, developers, designers and creatives who work in the country’s top cooperates and at major global brands such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, IBM, Oracle and other tech giants. Together, they will discuss and highlight creative solutions that will address – and solve – Somali’s protracted challenges through innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship in real time.


WILDart in Syvevyr, Ukraine


In August 2018 the European Wilderness Society took 11 artists from 5 different countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Romania, and Ukraine), to Syvevyr National Nature Park, Ukraine (Darvaika Wilderness).to spend — days creating art.

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