Man Swarm: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World

Foreman_Dave_ThelonRiverCanadianArctic (2)

ILCW Member Dave Foreman (USA) Founding Fellow
With Laura Carroll
2015 2nd edition, LiveTrue Books
Paperback, 196 pages

Overpopulation is real and it is stretching the limits and the resources of our planet. As Dave Foreman states “we have come on like a swarm of locusts … there are too many of us for the Earth to harbor.” Some viewpoints argue that a world population of two billion people is the right number of people to live sustainable on our planet and keep the natural systems in balance. With over seven billion people covering the planet today, that number is growing and if it continues unchecked we will reach twelve billion in 100 short years. Where will the open areas be then? Will any wild areas survive or the animals that inhabit them? Will there be enough food, or water? This book:
    Lays out the overpopulation crisis in the United States and worldwide
    Shows how overpopulation is the main driver of the extinction of wildlife, wildlands and the creation of pollution, including destructive greenhouse gases
    Smartly challenges those who don’t believe that the overpopulation crisis is real
    Gives tangible ways we can all be part of the solution
The first edition, Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife reached the conservationist community; in this new and updated edition, Man Swarm: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World, Dave Foreman and editor Laura Carroll expand the readership to the masses, from those in their reproductive years to educators, governors Congresspersons, and even world leaders.
Overpopulation can be solved. This book maps out steps that will lead to a solution. If we save the natural world we will save ourselves.


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